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  • What is a Professional Organizer and what can they help me with?

    Professional organizing is an industry that helps individuals and businesses de-clutter and create systems to optimize functionality, space, resources, time, energy and reduce stress. Professional organizers aim to help individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their clutter and their systems for life.

    We’ve ALL dealt with being overwhelmed, procrastinating on things, time management issues, not knowing where to start, or simply dreading doing a project. Professional Organizers are there to help assist and manage those projects, chores and even your personal life! Professional Organizers motivate, coach and teach clients to become self-organized and provide the physical labor of organizing a space.

  • Why do Organizers charge the way they do?

    Many people mistakenly assume that an organizer is going to come in and “clean up” for them, and that it should cost about the same amount as a cleaning service or housekeeper. But it is much more involved than that. You are paying for an organizer’s knowledge, their ability to get inside your head, understand how you function, and develop a system that will work best for you. And you pay more for an experienced organizer who can work through to the root CAUSE of your disorganization and implement these systems faster. So you can actually end up saving money in the long run by investing in an experienced and efficient organizer.

  • How long will it take?

    Most clients have years of accumulation in their homes and offices so it takes a few to several sessions to accomplish organizing goals. Some clients also like routine maintenance visits.

    Organizing is a process, and not a “quick fix.” It didn’t take you overnight to get disorganized, so it’s not going to be an overnight process to get organized. It’s a process. And the biggest thing that Hoarderbusters!! is going to help you with is getting to the CORE reasons, emotions and behaviors as to why you’ve been struggling with disorganization

  • What if an organizer breaks something?

    Our organizers are very careful with your possessions, but if an accident were to occur, Clutterbusters!! is insured and bonded.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Clutterbusters!! organizers are in high demand and we schedule their appointments a week or more in advance. Because of the irreplaceable time that is lost if there is a cancellation without adequate notice– in the event of failure to give us at least 48 hours notice to reschedule an appointment or if you are not present when we arrive, there is a rescheduling/cancellation fee equal to two hours of organizing at our current rate. This fee will be paid over to the organizer or billed on the credit card that was used to hold the appointment.

  • I have a total disaster here. I’m embarrassed to have anyone see it. I bet it’s worse than anything you’ve ever seen, right?

    Wrong! Our organizers have seen it all. The greater the mess, the more fun we have seeing it disappear. Think of us as your “Organizing Doctors.” We’re immune to the sight of clutter!

  • This is pretty expensive. Is it worth it?

    Our organizers work very hard and they possess a unique skill that the vast majority of people do not have. We believe there is no greater “bang for the buck” than you get with professional organizing. It’s like building an addition to your home for a fraction of the price! In fact, some of our clients end up making money from our services, by eliminating the need for outside storage, finding things they thought were gone for good, taking a tax deduction for donated items, selling unneeded items via an eBay store, and experiencing much greater efficiency in their homes and offices.

    Think about what your time is worth. Is it a productive use of your valuable leisure time to try to sort through years of accumulated clutter? Are you knowledgeable in how to devise systems to keep the area permanently clutter-free? Are you going to have the stamina and energy to finish the job? Doesn’t it make more sense to have a trained expert complete the job you’ve been putting off in a fraction of the time?

  • I need this done quickly! How soon can you finish the job?

    Because of the fact that we have assembled a large team of organizers, we have the unique ability to get the project done very quickly. We also work weekends, and holidays. Our Team Organizing Program allows us to quickly assemble a team of any size to tackle the most challenging of projects. We get the job done AND done right!

  • Do you offer consultations?

    Yes, our home organizing initial consultation is free & for your convenience, we conduct it over the phone! We have a series of questions to ask about your home organizing needs. No worries, there are NO wrong answers and we are judgment free! The purpose is preliminary – we simply are trying to determine if our professional organizing service is a match for the service we provide with what YOU are seeking help for!

  • How can I pay?

    Cash, Check, Visa (3% transactional fee), Mastercard (3% transactional fee) , PayPal (3% transactional fee), Venmo and Zelle

  • What are your hours of operation?

    We realize that every client has a different lifestyle with a different schedule so it is not the typical 9-5 company. Clutterbusters!! revolves around their clients’ schedules to offer the best customer service possible. Whether you’re a night owl, morning person or need to focus on organizing in the afternoon, Clutterbusters!! is here to accommodate your schedule!

    OPEN 365 Days a Year!

  • Is it one person or a crew?

    We can have one organizer come out and work with you or a team!! (2-10 organizers).

  • Are sessions confidential?

    Yes! When you work with a Professional Organizer, your sessions are confidential, just as they would be with a counselor.

  • What do I need to purchase before our session?

    Unless Clutterbusters!! is organizing your office or clothes closet, nothing. Buy containers and other organizing paraphernalia AFTER you organize! You won’t know what you really need till then. Most commonly, our clients have an excess of bags/boxes/containers at the end, and they don’t need to buy anything. Some people buy beforehand, and just end up having even more clutter, and have an extra step of taking everything back.

    If Clutterbusters!! is organizing your office, it MAY be recommended to buy filing folder jackets. The other office organizing basics (that you likely already have) are hanging files, a filing cabinet of some sort or a functional desk with built-in storage/drawers and a shredder. Clutterbusters!! will work with what you have, but do get the filing folder jackets.

    If Clutterbusters!! is organizing your clothes closet, we MAY ask you to buy plastic hangers to give your closet a uniformed look and keep clothes properly on the hangers.

  • Do you sell organizing items?

    No. Instead of focusing on product sales, Clutterbusters!! focuses on service. However, the organizer may help you pick out organizing products, if products are needed.

  • What are your travel fees?

    None. Parking, toll fees, travel time, mileage and gas are factored into the flat hourly rate.

  • Is this your full-time job?


  • Do you take lunch breaks? Do I pay for them?

    30-60 min lunch breaks are sometimes taken, depending on the time frame of a session. Clients do not pay for meal times.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

    From time to time we do offer promotions. Make sure to become a fan on FACEBOOK to hear about all the up to date promotions.  All packages that we offer do not have an expiration date so use whenever you like!!  No refunds with any packages.

  • Do you have any references?

    Of course! Please review our Testimonials page. We would be happy to put you in touch with any of these clients.

  • How do I become a Clutterbusters!! organizer?

    We are always looking for new Superstars. Please see the following page: How to become an organizer!

  • Are there certain storage and organization products Clutterbusters recommends?

    Yes. Please click this link to see what we recommend Clutterbusters storage and organization product recommendations

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