Clutterbusters!! started in 2002 and is the premier organizing company and one of the leading innovators in the organizing profession. Bonded and insured, all of our organizers are also covered by workers comp insurance and background checked. We specialize in small, medium or large and difficult jobs where many hours of organizing may be required. We can have one organizer come out and work with you or a team!! (2-10 organizers).


Organizing is a very specialized skill requiring a unique attention to detail and the needs of the person or persons that are being assisted. All of our Clutterbusters!! Certified Organizers are educated and proficient in the psychology of getting organized. We have done over 50,000 hours of organizing!!


  • One on One Approaches
  • Team Approaches (2-10 organizers)
  • 1 Day Clutter Crusher Experience
  • Virtual Organizing–NEW


$85/hour per organizer
Tax, Tip, Travel and Gas are included in our Hourly Rate!!

*Lower Pricing Available for pre-paid packages of 10 or more hours

Locations include




Washington State

Whole USA for Virtual Organizing sessions


      Yes, our home organizing initial consultation is free & for your convenience, we conduct it over the phone! We have a series of questions to ask about your home organizing needs. No worries, there are NO wrong answers and we are judgment free! The purpose is preliminary – we simply are trying to determine if our professional organizing service is a match with what YOU are seeking help for! CLICK below to set up your free consultation.



      A Clutterbusters!! organizer will physically help you with your decluttering and organization, whether it is working side by side with you or independently. Working as a team with us will help make the experience of getting organized more enjoyable. Clutterbusters!! approach is based in sensitivity to your needs, discretion to maintain your privacy and respect for your possessions. Your outcome will be an organized and clutter free space. You’ll receive guidance and motivation until your project is complete.*


*There is a Four hour minimum for hands-on appointments, so that we’ll have enough time to really get a project started/completed. In that span of time, we can usually purge a hall closet or bathroom, clean out and reorganize a set of kitchen cabinets, or get started on overhauling or creating a filing system. You can choose whichever small/medium area you wish to conquer, and we will equip you with the organizing tools and solutions to get it under control!


      After your first hands-on organizing session, you can schedule follow-up hourly sessions to either complete a project or help you maintain a finished space. How quickly organizing projects are completed depends on the complexity of the job, how fast you can make decisions, and your ability to follow through on assignments, as well as the cooperation of family members or others involved in the space being organized. Please note, there is a minimum of 4 (four) hours required for all follow-up hands on organizing sessions.


    • 21 Year Anniversary Sale

      All Packages DO NOT have expiration dates so use whenever you like!! Packages are from 30-100 hours (No Refunds)

      $65/ hr


      Virtual organizing is an organizing service provided exclusively using technology via phones, tablets or computers. The Organizer will work with you in short 1-3 hour sessions over the phone or through video chat using services such as Skype and FaceTime.

      Email for more information


  • What is a Professional Organizer and what can they help me with?

    Professional organizing is an industry that helps individuals and businesses de-clutter and create systems to optimize functionality, space, resources, time, energy and reduce stress. Professional organizers aim to help individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their clutter and their systems for life.

    We’ve ALL dealt with being overwhelmed, procrastinating on things, time management issues, not knowing where to start, or simply dreading doing a project. Professional Organizers are there to help assist and manage those projects, chores and even your personal life! Professional Organizers motivate, coach and teach clients to become self-organized and provide the physical labor of organizing a space.

  • Why do Organizers charge the way they do?

    Many people mistakenly assume that an organizer is going to come in and “clean up” for them, and that it should cost about the same amount as a cleaning service or housekeeper. But it is much more involved than that. You are paying for an organizer’s knowledge, their ability to get inside your head, understand how you function, and develop a system that will work best for you. And you pay more for an experienced organizer who can work through to the root CAUSE of your disorganization and implement these systems faster. So you can actually end up saving money in the long run by investing in an experienced and efficient organizer.

  • How long will it take?

    Most clients have years of accumulation in their homes and offices so it takes a few to several sessions to accomplish organizing goals. Some clients also like routine maintenance visits.

    Organizing is a process, and not a “quick fix.” It didn’t take you overnight to get disorganized, so it’s not going to be an overnight process to get organized. It’s a process. And the biggest thing that Hoarderbusters!! is going to help you with is getting to the CORE reasons, emotions and behaviors as to why you’ve been struggling with disorganization.

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