Happy New Year!! A Message from Clutterbusters!! President

Can you believe it? Another year has almost come and gone before my very eyes. However you care to measure it-12 months, 365 days, or 525,600 minutes -I now stand at the forefront of 2014, and feel like we’ve barely finished brushing off the confetti from our shoulders when we reign in 2014.

Clutterbusters!!, is fortunate enough to work on projects big and small, local and national, to provide professional organizing services at the highest level of quality. We are humbled and honored to have earned your trust and business this year.

It’s been a very busy year for Clutterbuster!!, and perhaps that’s why I feel 2013 flew by so quickly. We’ve reached new goals and met new challenges while experiencing a tremendously busy year. And we know none of that would be possible without our amazing customers. That is why we owe you, our valued clients, a warm and sincere thank you.

Unfortunately, in 2013 Clutterbusters!! experienced the Loss of Richard Fein. Rick was my ex husband who gave me the support and push to start Clutterbusters!! in 2002-Rick was also the marketing genius behind all those corny phrases we have like “We ain’t afraid of no mess!”, The Clutterbusters!! MESSters degree, We’ll take the MESS out of your message, and so many more-Rick will be deeply missed.

Wherever this message finds you, we at Clutterbusters!!, hope it finds you surrounded with loved ones and holiday cheer. Although it can be difficult stepping away from work, we hope you’ll find plenty of time to relax and take in this joyous holiday season with those closest to you.

Oh behalf of the entire Clutterbusters!! team, we once again give our deepest gratitude to all our clients that have helped make 2013 such a memorable year for us.

We look forward to exploring opportunities and facing new challenges with you in the upcoming New Year. From our family to yours, have a safe and Happy New Year!!

Betsy Fein

President, Clutterbusters!!


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